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The Discipline Revolution Project is dedicated to dialogue and action: sharing promising practices, gathering research, and brainstorming how to overcome challenges, but also taking tangible steps to change how we are treating students and their families right now. We are looking for partners who want to join our community. We believe each organization will have something unique to contribute and will be on an individual journey of change—and that together we will make more progress, faster.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Discipline Revolution Project and getting access to our exclusive resources, please read and check the box below.

My organization believes that:

  • Educators and communities—charter, traditional, and independent schools—must commit to building school systems that work for all students and move away from practices and policies that exclude any students from their education.
  • If adults prioritize practices to prevent the need for punitive discipline and respond effectively when incidents inevitably occur, students will still be accountable for their actions, but in a way that they keeps them learning and growing.
  • Biased and exclusionary discipline practices and policies are a social justice issue and adult mindsets, including around racism and other destructive “isms,” must be addressed as part of this work.
  • Any solution that walks backs progress on high standards, rigor, and academics is not good for schools or students and won’t help the shift away from punitive discipline.
  • Our organization can do something to stem the school-to-prison pipeline and we will commit to concrete actions to better serve all students, including those who may be experiencing trauma and/or are making poor choices.

Your commitment to The Discipline Revolution Project:

Members of the Discipline Revolution Project commit to innovating and sharing as we work together to replace punitive discipline with a better way of supporting all students. I commit to offering critical feedback to others and to sharing the story of my own organization’s progress. This will include:

  • Allowing the DRP team to let other partners know that I have joined the Discipline Revolution Project.
  • Taking time this summer and early next school year with my team to identify the goals and actions my organization will take to make progress—and communicate them to the DRP team.
  • Sharing progress regarding these goals and actions at the middle and end of next school year.

The Discipline Revolutions Project’s commitment to you:

The DRP team is committed to moving the work of individual organizations and the collective effort forward. We commit to:

  • Making it easy for you to communicate goals and progress.
  • Sharing research and promising practices with you.
  • Inviting you to gatherings where you can meet other members of the Discipline Revolution Project.
  • Building a ladder of support for organizations looking to go deeper on this issue.